As Ceremony is customizable, it is a perfect solution to let you choose which user story you want to tell when onboarding a Mac

But you can use it for more than onboarding. For example, it is an easy way to present a form to the user in the macOS native way, or to simply display relevant information while restricting the control of the Mac.


Some of the best features


So you wanted customizations ?

Ceremony is highly customizable. It is easy to personalize it to suit your needs and to use your company’s branding.

Interface components

You choose what to display

Specify the components you need to show to the user. Put them together the way you want. Retrieve inputs entered by the user.

Interface reloading

Lock and (re)load

You can reload the interface of Ceremony any time you want when you made some changes in Admin mode. It’s like a web page. But it’s native. And fast.

Fonts and Colors

You are going to be fond of it

Choose any font you want for the text components. Pick up any color too.

Window appearance

Make it bigger (well… if you want to)

You can specify how Ceremony’s window appears on screen. Choose a blurred background, a full screen, or play it classic.

Single Configuration file

Only one configuration file. That’s right.

You can configure Ceremony with only one file. Create different files to easily target different groups in your company.


Monitor anything

Ceremony lets you use the monitoring you need. You can choose to watch for Jamf and Workspace ONE (AirWatch) enrollments, App Store installations, and more.


Ceremony in action

Possible onboarding at Amaris

The alert displayed at the end is localized. It is simple to customize such content in the configuration file

Style customization

You can see the modifications in the configuration file by reloading Ceremony interface

Create forms quickly

Note that Ceremony fully adapts to macOS dark and light modes. For the colors and images, it is up to you to provide the materials

Ceremony Pro

Ceremony Pro is for administrators who want to keep everything in one place. Like Ceremony it is easy to setup and its features are directly integrated into the configuration file. We will keep improving Ceremony by adding new features and the ones you already enjoy for free will remain free.


First release features

Here are the features for the first release of Ceremony Pro.



Easily specify a condition depending on variables to execute actions, insert or remove components.


API Call

Ceremony Pro will be able to save and retrieve variables on your MDM server or send specific data in the request body.


Script and policies execution

Ceremony Pro will be able to execute specific scripts or policies through a command line helper with elevated privileges.


Popup button

Sometimes you might want to display supplementary information to your end-users. This will be possible by using a pop-up button and specifying the information to display.


Display an alert

Configure an alert to show to the user, depending on certain conditions.


Release date

We plan to release the first version of Cermeony Pro in January 2020. Keep in touch!


Video demo

As some features are ready, we could not resist but to make a short video to show you one of our favorite feature: conditional insertion and removal of components.